The Games is an ultimate fitness competition that will test your Strength, Speed, Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness and is based on Crossfit and the World Games competitions.

Date – 2018 TBC

Location – St Davids

The Competition

This is our own test of fitness, using disciplines taken from a number of sports, such as crossfit, cycling, athletics and weight lifting. The rules and judging will be set to our standard, but will be fair and the same for all. As with everything we do it will be physically challenging and take you to another level.

Rules, Regulations and How it all Works!

We have changed the format from previous years and have simplified it. The new format will see the clock start as soon as you start and stop as soon as you finish. Your overall time will be your score. Each Athlete will perform 10 exercises, which will have a set number of repetitions or distance and then you will move onto the next one as soon as you can, with any rest period eating into your time. The winner will be the athlete with the quickest time.

This years Games will have two categories up for grabs the first Male and the first Female with no age or weight groups

How we ensure the competition is fair and equal for all

  • There will be no bodyweight categories and each competitor in each category will lift the same weight i.e a kettlebell swing will be 20Kg for males whilst each test will require a different fitness from strength to endurance to speed therefore making it ideal for all.

The 10 Exercises you will face

  1. A 1000 metre concept 2 row
  2. Box jumps at 3 different heights 1 x set of 20 reps on each height box heights – 20” 26″ 20″
  3. 50m Farmers Walk (weight in each hand OM/VM 20kg, All other cats 12kg)
  4. Military press x 50 (OM/VM 40kg, all other cats 30kg)
  5. 5K static bike
  6. Kettle bell swings x 60 (20kg Men 12kg Females/U18s)
  7. Burpees 50
  8. Wall balls 60 reps – 10Kg Men (7kg U18’s and Females)
  9. Tyre flips x 20
  10. 1 mile run

Your day will last anything from 1hrs to 1hr 45mins and it will be hard! You will not all compete at the same time as you will be allocated time slots.

The mixture of events will ensure that the Games is not all about strength and therefore some events will suit some and some will suit others!!!! A little bit for everyone as we are looking for overall fitness.

Upon booking you will be allocated a time slot. You will need to be onsite at least 45 minutes before your start time so that you can register and be prepared to start on time!

You will then be guided through each activity and your set should take approximately 1hr 40mins give or take 1o mins! It will be an extremely tough 1hr 40mins but that’s what it’s all about.

Registration and Date for 2018 is not yet set

I have never heard so many in such a short time frame say “I think my breakfast is coming back up” and for at least two this thought became a reality!!! Other than that this is how the day went

Last year Moritz the Barbarian stole the show and although he was still the Man no one could beat! 2017 also saw the rebirth of another 80’s sensation “Red Sonja” aka Lisa Neumann, Now I have to admit I’m not sure of the Neumann family dynamics (aka St Davids answer to the Jackson 5) other than there’s quite a few boys, some of which are triplets and a couple of girls,

I think Lisa is a triplet but I don’t think Moritz is! But they are definitely brother and sister!! (Clear as mud) Anyway Lisa really did put on a show to finish top of the ladies category and an impressive 3rd overall. Now I’m not at all surprised with this result because it is well known that the Lisa is a superb athlete, a star of the track, an international, Whitesands challenge champion and a current member of the Scarlett’s squad. And having raced against Red Sonja in the St Davids Duathlon and beaten her in a sprint finish I can vouch for her share quality (this is the last time I’ll mention that sprint finish!!)

You may ask who could have come between the siblings taking 1st and 2nd well no other than Benjamin John Phillips, who has been putting is building skills to good use this winter by constructing a Box  his back garden, when I say Box I mean Crossfit gym! Now I don’t want to cause controversy or upset anyone but, Ben was not in my pool and therefore I did not lead him around, but what his timer/judge reckons is that Ben appears to have got his tactics wrong and paced himself a bit too much, Especially on the bike and concept 2 where it is felt that he could have given more! All I can say is that when I saw him at the end he looked like he’d put a bit of effort in! And as his wife turned up to say that it was his wedding anniversary hopefully that effort continued throughout the day and night! Maybe that’s why he took it easy on the Bike and rower!!

Talking about the Bike yet again Moz was one of the slowest with the quickest being Milford girl Jolene Lewis who was second female, Jolene was actually pushing for top female spot right to the 6th of 10 exercises, which was the Burpees, Jolene was flying and looking good to be quicker that Lisa, but the 50 Burpees was the preverbal straw that broke the young lady from mid Pembs.

Now they came from Carmarthenshire, Suffolk and Solva but Moz saw them off to remain unbeaten in The Games completed the mornings work in a time of 34m 20 seconds before heading off to play rugby as a cool down! whilst Ben trailed this by 3m 33 seconds and Lisa 40 seconds behind him with the slowest of the day being 1hr 4mins and 2 seconds all impressive displays.

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