Boot Camps – Are they for you?

The word Bootcamp has become the word of choice for so many different type of Fitness breaks and classes it’s hard to know exactly what you are getting into and is it for you?

We run a mixture of 2 night and 5 night packages, both of which are built on the same ethos, which is using the spectacular natural environment that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by to train and relax in.

Our sessions are designed to give you the maximum gains and enjoyment out of the time we have with you. They ensure that when you leave us you leave with a realistic plan of how to maintain and improve on what you have already achieved.

Our coaches have the experience and benefit of having worked with the total novice through to world class athletes and are real people who know and appreciate the difficulties that face the everyday person when it comes to maintaining a training and eating plan. We strive to support you in achieving “your goals”.

Our camps really are about you as an individual. You will work at your own pace. At the end of every session you will feel a great sense of achievement, you will make new friends along the way and leave physically revitalised and educated on how to train, eat and drink.

We cannot, however, stress enough the great effect that getting up early and training outdoors in an environment like the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park can have on your body and mind almost instantaneously.

The aim is to re-motivate, re-energise and re-educate you on how to achieve your goals with an achievable and sustainable package.


The Man-Up Camp – £150

This is the ultimate jamboree for bootcamps, gyms and fitness clubs from across the UK – a chance for all to come together for a weekend to have new experiences, sample different training techniques and meet some likeminded friends in one of the best outdoor gyms you’ll come across – the North Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The weekend will see you take part in a number of different sessions from Crossfit, HIIT, Boxing, Wrestling, and Fartlek running sessions out on the magical Pembrokeshire Coast Path and for the total St Davids experience you will also have the chance to experience the ultimate adrenaline activity – Coasteering, which is a workout in itself.

Then once the days training and activities have been completed you can relax around the fire pit, enjoy the BBQ and even a few drinks to unwind if you fancy!

The Activities/training sessions on offer will be as follows and you will be able to choose (fit in) 6 out of the below list

  • Crossfit – Various Techniques and Coaching will be rounded up with a tough challenge
  • HIIT Session on the Beach an ideal location for an energetic high intensity workout
  • Fartlek Run Session – On the magical Pembs coast path and around Car Llidi Mountain
  • Coasteering – The ultimate adrenaline water based activity that will have you scrambling across rocks climbing the cliffs and jumping into the sea – a must do experience and great physical activity.
  • Boxing Fitness – Our boxing coach will put you through the paces of one of the hardest and physically demanding sports there is – but its great fun and stress buster hitting the bags
  • Wrestling – If you have had the unfortunate experience of having to grapple with someone or the fun of wrestling your friends, you’ll understand that 30 seconds can feel like a life time as you expunge every drop of energy. This is a fun session that teaches you the technique and art of this Olympic sport.
  • Yoga – Perhaps not the first activity you think of when you think of boot camps but Yoga is becoming an ever popular discipline in many a training regime, especially for cycling, running and triathletes as is teaches the body good posture and promotes a strong core
  • Military Fitness on the Beach (and in the water) – a traditional Army/Navy Seals style beasting on the beach. The sessions will be run by former military men who will put you through your paces and will include team bonding activities and confidence drills and maybe the odd log run.

Sessions and Coaches

These will be devised and run by some of the national leaders in their chosen field who’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm would inspire anyone.

The Package – £150 | Date Sept 29th to 1St Oct 

2 nights’ accommodation Half Board, (Friday/Saturday) with all activities and sessions included (sessions Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) for £150


Newgale lodge is situated within it’s own grounds, with two self contained bunk houses, a bar, conference room, with the outdoors boasting a very appealing fire pit, pizza oven and BBQ that also has ample lawn space suitable to stage a number of our boot camp activities. Whilst the surrounding area has an 800 acre forest, Newgale Beach, The Pembrokeshire Coast and numerous other little gems of natural beauty to train on, all of which makes this an ideal location for our Man-up camp.

To View Accommodation at Newgale Lodge

And to make the weekend a little bit more special we are coinciding it with Man-Up The Games, a fitness competition that will be run on the Saturday so why no give it a go? it’s a real test of overall fitness and entry is included in the camp package

Man up – The Games

The Games is an ultimate fitness competition that will test your Strength, Speed, Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness and is based on Crossfit and the world games competitions.

The Competition

This is our own test of fitness, using disciplines taken from a number of sports, such as crossfit, cycling, athletics and weight lifting, the rules and judging will be set to our standard, but will be fair and the same for all. As with everything we do at Man Up UK it will be physically challenging and take you to another level.

Rules, Regulations and How it all Works!

We have changed the format from previous years and have simplified it. The new format will see the clock start as soon as you start and stop as soon as you finish and your overall time will be your score. Each Athlete will perform 10 exercises, which will have a set number of reps or distance and then you will move onto the next one as soon as you can, with any rest period eating into your time in this time the winner will be the quickest time.

This ear will also see 6 categories up for grabs with the prize money spread across the board and for argument sake if the first female is 45 years of age or over she will win £300, which is the same for the other categories

  • First Female – £200
  • First Male £200
  • First Male U18 (above 16)£100
  • First Female U18 (above 16) £100
  • First Male O45 £100
  • First Female O45 £100

How we ensure the competition is fair and equal for all

  • There will be no bodyweight categories and each competitor in each age group will lift the same weight i.e a kettlebell swing will be 20Kg for open males whilst each test will require a different fitness from strength to endurance to speed therefore making it ideal for all.

The 10 Exercises you will face

  1. A 1000 metre concept 2 row
  2. Box Jumps at 3 different heights 1 x set of 20 reps on each height Box Heights – 20” 26″ 20″
  3. 50m Farmers Walk
  4. Military Press x 50
  5. 5K Static Bike
  6. Kettle Bell Swings x 60 (20kg Men 12kg Females/U18s)
  7. Burpees 50
  8. Balls to Wall 60 reps – 10Kg Men (7kg U18’s and Females)
  9. Tyre Flips x 20
  10. 1m Run

Your day will last anything from 1hrs to 1hr 45mins and it will be hard! You will not all compete at the same time, you will be allocated time slots

The mixture of events will ensure that the Games is not all about strength and therefore some events will suit some and some will suit others!!!! a little bit for everyone! As we are looking for overall fitness

upon booking you will be allocated a time slot, you will need to be onsite at least 45 minutes before your start time so that you can register and be prepared to start on time!

You will then be guided through each activity

Entry Cost

If you are Booked on the Bootcamp weekend it is included in your package.

Day entries

  • Standard – £20  
  • U18 – £15  

Our 7 day / 6 night package is the ultimate in Bootcamp experience. You will have 5* accommodation, food and most importantly top quality professional coaching. This package is for those who are committed to changing their lifestyle and want a challenging yet fun environment to do so. The sessions and their content have been put together by Sean Holley who after over 20 years coaching in professional sport has a great knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn’t. One of Sean’s greatest strengths is to bring in or call upon subject matter experts to assist with the camps and its content to ensure you have the best possible experience and up to date advice.

These camps are kept to a maximum of 10 to ensure that everyone gets that personal touch and the appropriate level of coaching to ensure maximum gains are made.

Also included in this package to make it far more than a bootcamp are some special extras, such as a powerboat rib ride around Ramsay Island and a day with one of our guest celebrity coaches from the world of professional sport.

The itinerary below is a sample and the order of the activities may change to suit the time of year or group needs. We have kept the details brief for a reason, one of which is that we hope you come with an open mind and enjoy the package for what it is.

NB each early morning fat burner will be varied and will be held at some of the best locations you could wish to train at.


Day 1: Friday

  • A relaxed welcome Meeting followed by one on one meet and greets where body weight, Body fat %, blood pressure, resting heart rate and personal goals are taken.
  • Group activity of performing simple exercises to establish basic fitness levels

We do not promote or live by the scales and stats, but we all need a benchmark and goals to aim for. We will teach you the relevance of these stats to your body and they will form a small part of what you are going to achieve along with other aspects of your health and fitness.

Evening Meal

  • Nutrition input and the science (practical benefits) behind exercising

Day 2: Saturday

  • Early Morning start – 60 minute Fat Burning session Performed Out Doors


  • Strength Training and the Importance of it, whilst looking at the technique of lifting and kettlebells


  • Boxercise / Wrestling!


  • Coast Path Walk/Hike/Fartlek


  • Beach games!!

Evening Meal

  • Yoga

Day 3: Sunday

  • 60 Minute Early Morning Fat Burner


  • Boat Trip and Coastal Path Walk/Hike/Fartlek


  • Bike Tour of the St David’s Peninsular


  • Core Strength

Evening Meal

  • Evening Class the benefits of stretching, techniques and aids available
  • Sports Massage

Day 4: Monday

  • 60 min early morning Fat burner


  • Crossfit / HIIT Session


  • Kayaking / Coasteering Session (Depending on the group)

Evening Meal

  • Pilates

Day 5: Tuesday

  • Early Morning Fat Burner 60 mins


  • Coast Path Expedition


  • Boxing


  • The Outdoor Gym!

Evening Meal

  • Goal setting and tips on keeping the regime going

Day 6: Wednesday

Mystery Trip!

  • A reflection on the weeks activities and Q&A

Day 7: Wednesday


  • Mud Run/Assault Course


  • Personal tests and debrief to highlight the gains already made in a short period and supply support packages to go away with

6 night Boot Camp

You will stay at New Cross House a 5* Town House in the Centre of St David’s with its own splendid walled garden, ideal for kettles, yoga or just relaxing. The House also boasts its own sauna and outdoor fire pit area. The inside is furnished to a high standard and will be a great place to come back to and relax after a hard days training and offers a great environment for our evening classes and specialist inputs.

The Rooms are twins with all bedding provided.

To view the property please see here NEWCROSS HOUSE

Dates of 6 night 7 day Camps

  • Friday June 25th to 30th £895  
  • Friday Nov 24th to Thursday 30th £850  

If you wish to update to single occupancy rooms please contact us to discuss availability


Tour Reviews

5 based on 2 reviews
February 3, 2017

In November 2015 I was involved in a RTA and in the months that followed the weight piled on and I was unhappy.
I decided I needed to make a change. I approached Fintan at Manupuk and he told me how much better I would feel if I was exercising regularly . He said that he would be starting a bootcamp weekend, followed by 5 hiit sessions a week at 6am. As the start date drew closer and closer I became more nervous at the thought of changing my lifestyle and unhealthy habits, but I can safely say it is the best thing I’ve ever done.
Fintan educated me on the importance of eating healthy and the benefits of early morning exercise.
Fintan was nothing but supportive, he made me laugh and pushed me until i couldn’t give no more. After the first month of bootcamp sessions, I lost a lot of weight (1.5 stone) but gained so much more. I gained a new perspective, a healthier lifestyle and a new love for exercise. 6am never felt so good. I continued with the bootcamps and lost just over two stone in total.
If you are someone that wants a healthier lifestyle , doesn’t mind early mornings and is prepared to laugh a lot then Manupuk bootcamps are for you!

February 3, 2017

After years of not doing any form of exercise (several years) in fact. I decided it was time to do something about it as I needed to change my life. I attended your residental Bootcamp and reached goals that I thought was impossible. After 4 weeks on your healthy programme and fitness training programme, I had a weight loss of 2 stone felt fit and healthier. That inspired and motativated me to continue with your 6am Bootcamp sessions which I enjoy as it sets me up for the day. I have since taken part in your Mud Run event which was so much fun and now with your constant support and encouragement I have signed up for the Ras Dewi Sant Marathon so thank you Man-up I am now over coming my limits. 100% recommend you.

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