Living with Doris! – Ras Dewi Sant 2017 After 4 years of nigh on perfect weather conditions for Ras Dewi Sant our game of Russian roulette was over with Doris sweeping across the Atlantic to batter the west coast of Wales it was inevitable the wind and rain would be against us. The discussions were there as to whether we cancel the event but after careful consideration “No” was the answer the path was in good condition and the wind was blowing you inland so we thought yes it will be hard and an unforgettable experience! But one with no

It’s an emotional time, bitter sweet as I say goodbye to my website mk2, which was a bit like my old VW Polo mk2, which I also thought looked cool but it would seem that only I fully understood how to handle that too!! Now you may think it strange that I am emotional over a website, but this beast of a site has been running for just over a year and in this time has seen over 163,000 hits, 32,000 unique visitors from 93 different countries from America to Zaire with some of the more unusual being Myanmar? Cape